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i have spent the past week doing absolutely nothing except watching anime, playing with my new lappy, and reading HBP. oh, and downloading things like mad. *G*
but, speaking of HBP, i finally finished reading it after a week.

ships: the remus/tonks didn't annoy me as much as i thought it would (judging by all the spoilers i read) -- however, the harry/ginny was beyond irritating. it wouldn't be so bad if there were at least hints in the previous books, but it felt so random. that whole beast-in-harry's-heart thing? what a laugh. the ron/hermione made sense, i guess, but ugh (it's like the golden pair, really -- just because the pairing makes sense doesn't mean i have to like it XD). i do have to agree with the rest of the fandom though, the bill/fleur parts were very cute. and one last thing: omgsomuchwiththeharry/dracolove*glee*~~

characters: i loved tom riddle's back-story -- it him a more 3-d-ish character than the old books1-5!voldemort who did things without logic and reason. i can't exactly say the same for dumbledore, though. i didn't feel bad at all during the funeral chapter, whether because reading spoilers beforehand affected my perception or because i wasn't particular fond of his character, i don't know. he had an integral role in moving the plot along, that's true -- but as a character, i thought he was rather uninteresting (too omniscient, maybe?).
harry seems a lot more mature in HBP (especially compared to capslock!harry in OotP). he's now the calm one out of the trio; he no longer requires ron and hermione to fuss over him... other than that crazy beast/creature/THING, i quite like the new harry. ron, on the other hand, was so irritating. in the last few chapters, he was alright, but in the first half of the book...*gnashes teeth*
from the spoilers i read, i thought i'd hate HBP!hermione, but y'know, i think she's pretty much the same kid as the previous five books. i didn't think attacking ron with those birds was at all out-of-character. she's definitely the type of person who would lash out, when provoked enough.
slughorn...didn't like him much. but a definite improvement over umbridge, that's for sure. XD
draco (and narcissa)! somuchlove! and also, the lack of neville in HBP makes me quite happy.

plot: the horcrux stuff was pretty interesting. hmm... oh, and i'm quite excited to read the seventh book, especially given harry's statement about not returning to hogwarts. i think it'd be more adventure-y than the previous books. *whee*
okay, clearly, i don't have much to say about the plot. XD or anything else.
mm, basically, it was pretty good, but i think i would have enjoyed it a lot more if i were still in the fandom. ;)

in between all that laziness, i tried to draw some fanart. "tried" being the keyword. T.T

for [ profile] lechaco:

see, originally, i wanted to combine [ profile] lechaco and [ profile] orenji_mint's requests and draw something sanayuki-ish. (let it be known that the last time i tried drawing a sanayuki pic, it turned out like this. >_>) three rough drafts later, i gave up that idea and decided to just draw the requests separately. y'know, i'm beginning to think that i dislike sanayuki not because i don't like sanada and yukimura together, but rather, they don't like me. ;_____;

i'm not very satisfied with this sketch since i want to avoid drawing static and stiff poses, but i really wanted to finish it before you leave on your vacation -- speaking of which, have fun in florida, [ profile] lechaco! ♥
maybe i'll re-draw it after i finish [ profile] orenji_mint (oh, and i suppose [ profile] rikit's X3) request(s).
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