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wah, for some reason, there are several episodes of 'kyou kara maou' that just won't open after i downloaded them. i'm using two different torrents (both are the huge 1-39 packs) and selecting individual episodes to download at a time. yet when the torrent shows up as complete, i'm still not able to access the file. >__< a lot of the files do work, it's just a select few that don't. i wonder if using a different BT client will make a difference...
so now i'm downloading and watching 'yami no matsuei' (so pretty and bloody~~) while i figure out what to do about KKM. u___u


for [ profile] myfigments:

It was a silly argument, really. Waya could hardly even remember what it was about. But still, here they were, sitting about a foot apart from each other instead of the usual brushing hands and bumping knees.

The train rocked back and forth as Waya stared out the window. Every once in a while, he would glance over at Isumi, who was apparently having a staring contest with the empty seat in front of them. Waya sighed and then gave a shiver. The air conditioner was blasting cold air directly at him. Cursing under his breath, he curled up in his seat and closed his eyes wearily.

A little while later, Waya woke to find Isumi’s jacket covering him, and feeling warm all over; his head rested against Isumi’s shoulder. Waya jerked himself up. “Isumi-san, I--”

Isumi gave him a gentle smile and said, “Go back to sleep, Waya. It’ll be a while before we arrive.”

Before closing his eyes again, Waya felt a warm hand grasping his, and he knew that everything was going to be okay.

oh man, so much with the sap ~__~ *hands out toothbrushes*
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