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i told myself that i was going to draw a lot during my four months of summer vacation. clearly, that didn't happen. X3; i did get a chance to sit down and draw a bit today though.

i wanted to try out my dip pen, but i can't control it very well and it scratches at the paper and leaks a bit from the tip. does anyone have any suggestions or tips on handling dip pens? well, i gave up on the dip pen halfway through and used a 0.28 gel pen instead (thin-tip gel pens are <3). i wanted to practice CG-ing, but i got lazy and impatient, so i did some sloppy toning instead. X3;;

same thing, only with the couch toned differently.
megane characters are always so awesome~ ^0^ but i hate colouring in kyoya's hair. X3; in fact, i don't like drawing the hair of any of the ouran characters. they have such difficult hair!
(speaking of hair, i bought hair mousse today just for the heck of it and accidentally sprayed the kitchen table [i was fiddling with the bottle in the kitchen don't ask]. i told my parents not to eat anything that looked white and foamy. whoops~ /random)

i was rooting through some papers and i found this rough sketch:

look familiar? -->

i drew the sketch in chinese school (oh man, chinese school X3;; i used to doodle a lot in that class) over a year ago, if i recall correctly. i wanted it to be ritsuka and soubi, but when i started the actual drawing, it didn't work out quite right, so they became original characters instead. maybe i should work with the sketch and try making it soubi/ritsuka again -- it's been a while since i did loveless fanart.

i haven't been drawing much in the past year, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy art supplies... XD;;
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