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here's the first of the fanart requests:

for [ profile] mouse_sensei:
[d.grayman] kanda )

the rest of the drawings will most be done throughout the week. :D maybe one or two each day.

i have much anger towards UT right now. >:O gah, i know life sci students have late time slots, but why must mine be so late? i'm going to end up with courses like mexican literature or something. T___T
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Title: Cooling Down
Pairing: Oshitari/Atobe
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which there is potential skinny dipping (the key word being "potential").
Author's Note: I wrote most of this last Sunday (when it rained<3), but heaven forbid I ever finish a fic in one day. :p I got stuck writing the kissing scene (er, again); I guess my boys just don't like making out in detail. XD;;
I wish it would rainnn again. So dreadfully hot.

the only way to beat a hot and humid day )
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i have reason to believe that there is a large flying bug (that looks like an oversized ant) in my room. mostly likely because i saw it a few minutes ago. i don't know where it is right now, but i am sitting at the edge of my chair, ready to bolt. *omgissofreakedout* >__<

other than that, my art muse seems to have come back after a rather extended vacation. >:B
drawn for the imperial waltz challenge:

air guitar, shishido style )
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here is your birthday fanart, [ profile] trixie_chick! sorry it took so long~~ ^^;;

you know i can't pass up a chance to draw oshitari ^__~ )
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First off, happy Canada Day! ^__^

Secondly, I finished the Kio picture requested by [ profile] mouse_sensei:

pour vous, moomoo-chan senpai )

Since I was drawing Loveless characters anyway, I decided to draw Soubi too. He is so much fun to doodle!

'eeeears, i want eeeears~~~' )
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Title: Drink Juice, Love Life Fuji
Pairing: Fuji/Tezuka, Everyone/Fuji, and hints of Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: crack!fic; misuse of Inui Juice as a plot device
Summary: In which Fuji acquires bear ears due to an unfortunate accident involving Inui Juice. And molestation ensues.
Author's Note: Toggi-chan drew me a picture and then tricked me into writing a fic. Her request involved Fuji having bear ears and everyone trying to molest him, but he ends up with Tezuka. My initial reaction: omgwtf. My reaction now, after completing this: omgwtf*facepalm*.
Thanks muchly to [ profile] mouse_sensei for reading this over and telling me it was crack, but not bad!crack. And also for helping with the title! (without her, this fic would be called "Juice o'Doom". so.)

A third of this was sitting in my writing notebook and half in my computer, so I finally finished up the last bits (I am falling asleep as I write this. I fear it is quite evident in parts of the fic -- but eh, I'll fix stuff up tomorrow~~).
It took almost five months to write a lousy 2500 words. XD;; *goes to bed now*

everyone loves the fuji bear )


Jun. 11th, 2005 09:07 pm
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i haven't drawn anything since may (brain wants to draw, but fingers won't cooperate...that sort of thing), so i finally did something for the sakura art challenge over at [ profile] you_got_gay:

A Hyotei Picnic )

eta: omg, inui's album outcracks just about anything XDDD "kaaaidoh-sempaaai" indeed! (someone needs to translate "juice"!)
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umbrellas are more difficult than they seem. >:B
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Date created: 2003-04-26 15:31:08
Journal entries: 377
Comments: Posted: 4,647 - Received: 4,750

[ profile] meemobunny(the journal) has been around for two years now! I'd say that I can't believe time has gone by so quickly, but the truth is that I can't remember when I didn't spend 3 hours on LJ. ^__~ I'd say something heartfelt/poignant/etc, but I don't particularly feel up to it (in fact, I think I shall go off and find some chocolate cake instead). But hey, it's been a pretty...interesting two years, I suppose. ;D
*hearts all*

Also, just so that this entry has some content, here are a couple of old watercolour doodles that I found in one of my picture folders:
of sunsets and trees )

*toodles off in search of cake*
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i think i owe [ profile] idroppedarice a sirius/remus picture from a long time ago 'cause i wrote a note to remind myself (haha, that obviously failed) and i have several rough sketches (three, i think). unfortunately, none of them turned out well, so instead, here is a sketch of remus by himself (maybe he's waiting for sirius or something? ^^;;). i sure hope you're a remus-fan! *sheepish*

last potter-art i'll ever draw )
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[ profile] fffshuuu, your belated birthday-art is done, yay! )

And just for kicks, here's a Sasunaru-ish fanart:
Naruto: Cloud-watching )

just for the record, i refuse to cut off my right toe! >:O
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the best tennis players cheerleaders in japan...
s-e-i-g-a-k-u )
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i have other teeny!PoT-characters drawn, besides oishi, but i can't find them right now.
so, here's teeny!naru-chan instead:

drawing teeny!characters beats taking math notes anyday.

anyway! on to the actual purpose of this entry:
i call this, 'in which yuushi attempts to look hawt in a suit and shirt with ruffles' )
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A very, very belated birthday-art for [ profile] zerotwofan ^^;;
shishido/ohtori )
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No doodle-spam for this weekend. Instead, there is... fic. o_O

Title: Sick Day
Pairing: Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG
Warnings: Uh, pointless fluff? And general inaccuracies regarding certain things.
Word Count: 2000 and a bit (I remember when I used to have trouble getting to 500 ^^;;)
Summary: Kaidoh gets sick and Inui gets fussy.
Author's Note: I had a cold on Monday, and a plot bunny came by at 4 am and told me a story. Damn thing kept me awake until 6 am.
Also, this is the first fanfic I've actually finished in the past year or so.
So yes, comments will be very appreciated. :)

gesundheit )
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Before I get to the photo-spammin', here's a crack!PoT sketch for [ profile] disutansu (because she was oh-so-nice and uploaded lotsa Naruto for meee <3<3):
muffin!love )

Oookay, now that you all think I'm crazy, here are the photos from that interests-meme-thingy. Er, if you commented, you get a photo, whether you like it or not. XD;;

[ profile] trixie_chick:
interest: prince of tennis )

[ profile] jaig:
interest: alcohol )

[ profile] satanicgoddess:
interest: harry potter )

[ profile] orenji_mint:
interest: fairy tales )

And, because it amuses me:
just one more )
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...and I'm always sketch-spammin' on weekends.

To start off, the obligatory tenipuri fanart:
atobe/oshitari )

Original art:
the elf-lady says she wants to eat your spicy brains )

And (another) attempt at scenery:
in the rain )
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I haven't done any original stuff since... I can't even remember. ^^;;
So, scenery sketches!
with pencil crayons )
with calligraphy pen&ink )

And now on to the fan-doodles!
I was at Chinese class a few hours earlier and was bored out of my mind. I did a few little sketches and class still wasn't over, so I dug out a felt-tipped pen and inked some of them. XD
all multifandom-like: akira; eiji, oshitari, fuji; sasuke )

On a different note, one of my hotmail accounts seems to be unable to open -any- attachment. :\ Everytime I try, it says that TrendyMicro has detected a virus in the attached file, but I'm absolutely certain that there aren't any viruses at all. And also, my other hotmail accounts works just fine. :x Has anyone else experienced this? Or knows what to do about it?
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