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in between reading an article about shamanic initations and freud's paper on psychoanalysis, i sketched a picture of allen -- so like, for every five pages i read, i would do one layer of rough sketch, detailed sketch, ink stetch, and so on. eventually i spent more time sketching than reading. XD;;
(freud was a very longwinded fellow, i find. but not as longwinded as some of the authors of the deviance and crime control papers i have to read :S:S)

cosplay!allen -- from beansprout to bean; and a cracky-crack doodle )

now, i can either go read more of freud's crazy-ass theories, or i can watch hana yori dango returns ep2 that just finished downloading... oh, decisions, decisions. :D
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just a sketch because i am still muse-less ;____;

[kkm] gunter<3! )

i wanted to test out a new pen, so i inked this sketch of kanda:

[d.gray-man] kanda )

i was going to write a bit more rl things, but i'll leave that for later (maybe in a locked entry X3). besides, i can't remember what i was going to say anymore. XD;;

oh, oh, and i forgot to add, new PoT bromides! i reallyreally want to see the full set! (the oshiato one just kills me XDD)
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here's the first of the fanart requests:

for [ profile] mouse_sensei:
[d.grayman] kanda )

the rest of the drawings will most be done throughout the week. :D maybe one or two each day.

i have much anger towards UT right now. >:O gah, i know life sci students have late time slots, but why must mine be so late? i'm going to end up with courses like mexican literature or something. T___T


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