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more fanart, yay :)

more megane-ness [oshitari, this time] )

loveless-ness )

here's another drawing that i "remixed" (it was more like "copying the pose" rather than "remixing" though XD;). i did this one a month or two ago, but i don't think i've posted it.
angel )

here's something else i coloured a while back but didn't post:
eiji...with blue hair? )

on a different note, i've been seeing an increase of manga and doujinshi sales on my friends page -- i guess it's because school's starting soon and everyone needs the extra cash.
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i told myself that i was going to draw a lot during my four months of summer vacation. clearly, that didn't happen. X3; i did get a chance to sit down and draw a bit today though.

i wanted to try out my dip pen, but i can't control it very well and it scratches at the paper and leaks a bit from the tip. does anyone have any suggestions or tips on handling dip pens? well, i gave up on the dip pen halfway through and used a 0.28 gel pen instead (thin-tip gel pens are <3). i wanted to practice CG-ing, but i got lazy and impatient, so i did some sloppy toning instead. X3;;

in which kyoya is smug because he can successfully twirl a pen )

i was rooting through some papers and i found this rough sketch: loveless-ish )

i haven't been drawing much in the past year, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy art supplies... XD;;


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