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more fanart, yay :)

more megane-ness [oshitari, this time] )

loveless-ness )

here's another drawing that i "remixed" (it was more like "copying the pose" rather than "remixing" though XD;). i did this one a month or two ago, but i don't think i've posted it.
angel )

here's something else i coloured a while back but didn't post:
eiji...with blue hair? )

on a different note, i've been seeing an increase of manga and doujinshi sales on my friends page -- i guess it's because school's starting soon and everyone needs the extra cash.
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just to be on the safe side, i'd consider this entry to be non-worksafe (for those of you who like to browse lj and watch anime *coughcough* during work ;)).

remember this picture? that's the one that broke my scanner and i had to take a photo of it with a really old camera. so i scanned it in today (no damage to this scanner, thankfully XD) and did some touch-ups in photoshop.
oshitari and his cookies :D )

since twincest seems to be so popular, i did a sketch of hikaru and kaoru. warnings: nothing suggestive, but some nekkidness, and a teeny tiny spoiler for episode 5.
twins do *everything* together )

i need to practise my chibi-drawing skills (for various reasons i won't get into here XD). so...i'm up for requests! just comment with the fandom, character/pairing, a scene/object/whatever (optional) know the drill. :D
i doubt there'll be a whole lot of requests, but just in case, i'm going limit it to the first five requests (for the time being, anyway).
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it's not quite february the 14th yet, but i figure i might as well make a post now (because i love you guys that much ;D).

nothing says 'happy valentine's day' like oshitari in pink. with cookies. :D )

i also uploaded the three different versions of 'valentine kiss' (from PoT only, not the original):
atobe - the very first 'valentine kiss' - suwabe-san sings so well! ^0^
oshitari - oshitari's voice = omgsmex - need i say more? ;D
shishido - this one just came out recently - i think the backup singers are atobe, oshitari, and kabaji - shishido is so much with the cute! :3

*huggles you all♥*
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[ profile] top_cagnotte picture-thingie:
how should i know where oshitari and oishi found copies of 'icha-icha paradise' and 'passionate trousers'? )

i've barely studied for soc. i knew taking those cold meds were a bad idea! i'm so damned sleepy right now. ~___~

i got this flyer today about studying abroad during the summer -- oh man, i would love to do the hong kong or tokyo one. *____* it's four to six weeks during the summer and you get a full credit. *flails excitedly*

[ profile] satanicgoddess, i got your card today! ^___^ yes, we'll all definitely meet up one day! *determined* ;D
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while other graduates are having dreams about the impending university life, i'm dreaming about my high school classmates. X3;; i think it has finally kicked in (er, after two months) that i'll be moving out in, like, ten days. eep~

after my mom nagged me for a month, i finally got my blood taken today. apparently it's supposed to be less painful than vaccine shots and such, but it's not. :| the lady kept the needle in for so long and kept wiggling it. >_< and now it's painful to type because i can't keep my elbow straight and gaaah.


for [ profile] lechaco:
[Tenipuri; Rikkai team] prompt: cards )

for [ profile] disutansu:
[Tenipuri; InuKai] prompt: watching movies in Kaidoh's room )
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i have spent the past week doing absolutely nothing except watching anime, playing with my new lappy, and reading HBP. oh, and downloading things like mad. *G*
but, speaking of HBP, i finally finished reading it after a week. a few random thoughts and such -- a spoiler tag is probably not necessary anymore, but what the hey )

in between all that laziness, i tried to draw some fanart. "tried" being the keyword. T.T

for [ profile] lechaco:

[PoT] yukimura )
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Title: Cooling Down
Pairing: Oshitari/Atobe
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which there is potential skinny dipping (the key word being "potential").
Author's Note: I wrote most of this last Sunday (when it rained<3), but heaven forbid I ever finish a fic in one day. :p I got stuck writing the kissing scene (er, again); I guess my boys just don't like making out in detail. XD;;
I wish it would rainnn again. So dreadfully hot.

the only way to beat a hot and humid day )
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i have reason to believe that there is a large flying bug (that looks like an oversized ant) in my room. mostly likely because i saw it a few minutes ago. i don't know where it is right now, but i am sitting at the edge of my chair, ready to bolt. *omgissofreakedout* >__<

other than that, my art muse seems to have come back after a rather extended vacation. >:B
drawn for the imperial waltz challenge:

air guitar, shishido style )
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here is your birthday fanart, [ profile] trixie_chick! sorry it took so long~~ ^^;;

you know i can't pass up a chance to draw oshitari ^__~ )
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Title: Drink Juice, Love Life Fuji
Pairing: Fuji/Tezuka, Everyone/Fuji, and hints of Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: crack!fic; misuse of Inui Juice as a plot device
Summary: In which Fuji acquires bear ears due to an unfortunate accident involving Inui Juice. And molestation ensues.
Author's Note: Toggi-chan drew me a picture and then tricked me into writing a fic. Her request involved Fuji having bear ears and everyone trying to molest him, but he ends up with Tezuka. My initial reaction: omgwtf. My reaction now, after completing this: omgwtf*facepalm*.
Thanks muchly to [ profile] mouse_sensei for reading this over and telling me it was crack, but not bad!crack. And also for helping with the title! (without her, this fic would be called "Juice o'Doom". so.)

A third of this was sitting in my writing notebook and half in my computer, so I finally finished up the last bits (I am falling asleep as I write this. I fear it is quite evident in parts of the fic -- but eh, I'll fix stuff up tomorrow~~).
It took almost five months to write a lousy 2500 words. XD;; *goes to bed now*

everyone loves the fuji bear )


Jun. 11th, 2005 09:07 pm
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i haven't drawn anything since may (brain wants to draw, but fingers won't cooperate...that sort of thing), so i finally did something for the sakura art challenge over at [ profile] you_got_gay:

A Hyotei Picnic )

eta: omg, inui's album outcracks just about anything XDDD "kaaaidoh-sempaaai" indeed! (someone needs to translate "juice"!)
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No doodle-spam for this weekend. Instead, there is... fic. o_O

Title: Sick Day
Pairing: Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG
Warnings: Uh, pointless fluff? And general inaccuracies regarding certain things.
Word Count: 2000 and a bit (I remember when I used to have trouble getting to 500 ^^;;)
Summary: Kaidoh gets sick and Inui gets fussy.
Author's Note: I had a cold on Monday, and a plot bunny came by at 4 am and told me a story. Damn thing kept me awake until 6 am.
Also, this is the first fanfic I've actually finished in the past year or so.
So yes, comments will be very appreciated. :)

gesundheit )


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