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in between reading an article about shamanic initations and freud's paper on psychoanalysis, i sketched a picture of allen -- so like, for every five pages i read, i would do one layer of rough sketch, detailed sketch, ink stetch, and so on. eventually i spent more time sketching than reading. XD;;
(freud was a very longwinded fellow, i find. but not as longwinded as some of the authors of the deviance and crime control papers i have to read :S:S)

cosplay!allen -- from beansprout to bean; and a cracky-crack doodle )

now, i can either go read more of freud's crazy-ass theories, or i can watch hana yori dango returns ep2 that just finished downloading... oh, decisions, decisions. :D
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still no scanner. so, lots of (bad) photoshopping to compensate (very multicoloured!). you have been warned. >_o

4 sketches under the lj cut, whee~ )
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tonight is christmas eve and i intend to eat a lot and sleep a lot. granted, that's all i've been doing all week, but whatever. :D

i don't feel christmas-y at all (where is the snow?? :O), but i'll take any excuse to draw pretty boys. ;)
maybe a teeny teeny bit not-work-safe )

in any case, even if you don't celebrate christmas and whatnot, just enjoy the break. ;) and the lights. and pie. mmm, pie♥


Dec. 24th, 2006 04:42 pm
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i've been drawing a bit over the break (i love doodling because it relaxes my mind completely -- which may be a good or bad thing when i do it in class XD;) i don't have a scanner right now, though, so i just took pictures of them with my camera (thus, beware the poor quality!):

it's been so long since i posted any drawings! )
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more fanart, yay :)

more megane-ness [oshitari, this time] )

loveless-ness )

here's another drawing that i "remixed" (it was more like "copying the pose" rather than "remixing" though XD;). i did this one a month or two ago, but i don't think i've posted it.
angel )

here's something else i coloured a while back but didn't post:
eiji...with blue hair? )

on a different note, i've been seeing an increase of manga and doujinshi sales on my friends page -- i guess it's because school's starting soon and everyone needs the extra cash.
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i told myself that i was going to draw a lot during my four months of summer vacation. clearly, that didn't happen. X3; i did get a chance to sit down and draw a bit today though.

i wanted to try out my dip pen, but i can't control it very well and it scratches at the paper and leaks a bit from the tip. does anyone have any suggestions or tips on handling dip pens? well, i gave up on the dip pen halfway through and used a 0.28 gel pen instead (thin-tip gel pens are <3). i wanted to practice CG-ing, but i got lazy and impatient, so i did some sloppy toning instead. X3;;

in which kyoya is smug because he can successfully twirl a pen )

i was rooting through some papers and i found this rough sketch: loveless-ish )

i haven't been drawing much in the past year, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy art supplies... XD;;
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i'm doing the chibi requests out of order (i'm drawing whatever comes to mind first, really). here's [ profile] trixie_chick's request of mori holding honey's bunny:

mori + bun-bun )
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just to be on the safe side, i'd consider this entry to be non-worksafe (for those of you who like to browse lj and watch anime *coughcough* during work ;)).

remember this picture? that's the one that broke my scanner and i had to take a photo of it with a really old camera. so i scanned it in today (no damage to this scanner, thankfully XD) and did some touch-ups in photoshop.
oshitari and his cookies :D )

since twincest seems to be so popular, i did a sketch of hikaru and kaoru. warnings: nothing suggestive, but some nekkidness, and a teeny tiny spoiler for episode 5.
twins do *everything* together )

i need to practise my chibi-drawing skills (for various reasons i won't get into here XD). so...i'm up for requests! just comment with the fandom, character/pairing, a scene/object/whatever (optional) know the drill. :D
i doubt there'll be a whole lot of requests, but just in case, i'm going limit it to the first five requests (for the time being, anyway).
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looking through my lj, i think my last fanart entry was back in february. now, four months later, with a working scanner and a working art muse, i finally have new fanart! :>

red roses from daddy and mommy )
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it's not quite february the 14th yet, but i figure i might as well make a post now (because i love you guys that much ;D).

nothing says 'happy valentine's day' like oshitari in pink. with cookies. :D )

i also uploaded the three different versions of 'valentine kiss' (from PoT only, not the original):
atobe - the very first 'valentine kiss' - suwabe-san sings so well! ^0^
oshitari - oshitari's voice = omgsmex - need i say more? ;D
shishido - this one just came out recently - i think the backup singers are atobe, oshitari, and kabaji - shishido is so much with the cute! :3

*huggles you all♥*
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wow, i can't believe it's been almost a month since my last drawing -__-;
anyway, two drawings for today (at least i didn't drag my scanner home for nothing!)

ed )

ed and al )

out of curiousity, what's the difference between watercolour and tempera? is it just the consistancy of the paint? or is there a difference in the paint base?
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[ profile] top_cagnotte picture-thingie:
how should i know where oshitari and oishi found copies of 'icha-icha paradise' and 'passionate trousers'? )

i've barely studied for soc. i knew taking those cold meds were a bad idea! i'm so damned sleepy right now. ~___~

i got this flyer today about studying abroad during the summer -- oh man, i would love to do the hong kong or tokyo one. *____* it's four to six weeks during the summer and you get a full credit. *flails excitedly*

[ profile] satanicgoddess, i got your card today! ^___^ yes, we'll all definitely meet up one day! *determined* ;D
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[original, finished!] fanboy )

[original] angel girly )

i've decided that i need a new fandom! (i have the need to draw fanart~~) i'll never find a fandom as large and productive as HP and i'll never find a fandom that was as cracky and fun as PoT; KKM is more of a fling than a fandom (and it is neither large as HP nor as mix-and-matching-y as PoT). ;___;
hmm, i should try to get into bleach or something...
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just a sketch because i am still muse-less ;____;

[kkm] gunter<3! )

i wanted to test out a new pen, so i inked this sketch of kanda:

[d.gray-man] kanda )

i was going to write a bit more rl things, but i'll leave that for later (maybe in a locked entry X3). besides, i can't remember what i was going to say anymore. XD;;

oh, oh, and i forgot to add, new PoT bromides! i reallyreally want to see the full set! (the oshiato one just kills me XDD)
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i have spent the past week doing absolutely nothing except watching anime, playing with my new lappy, and reading HBP. oh, and downloading things like mad. *G*
but, speaking of HBP, i finally finished reading it after a week. a few random thoughts and such -- a spoiler tag is probably not necessary anymore, but what the hey )

in between all that laziness, i tried to draw some fanart. "tried" being the keyword. T.T

for [ profile] lechaco:

[PoT] yukimura )
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here's the first of the fanart requests:

for [ profile] mouse_sensei:
[d.grayman] kanda )

the rest of the drawings will most be done throughout the week. :D maybe one or two each day.

i have much anger towards UT right now. >:O gah, i know life sci students have late time slots, but why must mine be so late? i'm going to end up with courses like mexican literature or something. T___T
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i have reason to believe that there is a large flying bug (that looks like an oversized ant) in my room. mostly likely because i saw it a few minutes ago. i don't know where it is right now, but i am sitting at the edge of my chair, ready to bolt. *omgissofreakedout* >__<

other than that, my art muse seems to have come back after a rather extended vacation. >:B
drawn for the imperial waltz challenge:

air guitar, shishido style )
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